Supports Coordination of Northwest PennsylvaniaWe are pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2018 Supports Coordination of Northwest Pennsylvania, Inc. (SCNP) will be merging with Service Coordination Unlimited, Inc. (SCU), forging a new company with enhanced experience and expertise. We look forward to an exciting and prosperous future with our employees and consumers. More information to come!

About SCU. Get to Know Us

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The mission of Service Coordination Unlimited (SCU) is to provide the highest quality coordination of services to all persons with disabilities, empowering them in their pursuit of independence and interdependence as we strive for a full and inclusive community.

Service Coordination Unlimited (SCU) has been dedicated to Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities since 1997, originally as a service division of Community Living And Support Services (CLASS).  SCU became fully autonomous from CLASS in 2012.

As a result of regulatory changes by the Department of Public Welfare to assure conflict-free situations between service providers and service coordination, SCU became independent from CLASS in order to continue to support the thousands of men and women who would have been left without services if a new organization was not formed.  SCU continues experience growth, offering high quality, individualized service coordination and case management support.