Service Coordination Resource, Inc. LogoService Coordination Unlimited, Inc. (SCU) is pleased to announce that we merged with Service Coordination Resources, Inc. (SCR) effective July 1, 2019. We will operate as one company - Service Coordination Unlimited, Inc. - and are dedicated to increasing the quality of services that you have come to expect. Please join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future with our employees and participants!

History. Our Beginnings

Service Coordination Unlimited (SCU) was founded in December 2012 as a result of a mandate from the Department of Public Welfare to ensure that organizations offer conflict-free services and interactions between service providers and service coordinators.

Originally operating as part of the Attendant Care Program at Community Living And Support Services (CLASS) since 1997, SCU was formed in order to continue supporting over 1,000 men and women with no break in services.  While a new organization, the commitment of SCU remains the same.  SCU is a free standing, fully autonomous nonprofit organization dedicated to offering the highest quality service coordination and case management supports in the western Pennsylvania.

SCU is comprised of over 25 professionals with over 175 years of human services experience to service coordination and case management agendas.  These services include full and intensive interaction with individuals and families dealing with all types of disability issues.  Activities such as establishing eligibility for government supports, management of finances, balancing of needed services, and general counsel for any community involvement activities are some of the services offered through SCU.  These services can be provided to individuals involved with government services, as well as individuals supported through trusts, settlements, private pay, or third party entities.