Service Coordination Resource, Inc. LogoService Coordination Unlimited, Inc. (SCU) is pleased to announce that we merged with Service Coordination Resources, Inc. (SCR) effective July 1, 2019. We will operate as one company - Service Coordination Unlimited, Inc. - and are dedicated to increasing the quality of services that you have come to expect. Please join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future with our employees and participants!

Testimonials. From Clients and Their Family

Service Coordination Unlimited SCU, makes the attendant care services I receive simple by making sure my needs are met and the things I’m required to do are done correctly. It’s because of these services that I’m Independent in my community and will soon be celebrating 20 years of employment. – Ed.

SCU has impacted my independence in many ways.  Through transportation services, I am now able to go to many activities such as church, choir practice, the library, museums, the mall etc.  I am able to access the community and increase my interactions with others which has opened me up to feel more like an accepted member of society. – Patty.

As a full-time college student, my time is limited. The services provided by SCU have allowed me to focus on my classes and research which is essential for me to be successful. Anytime I have a question, they are just a quick phone call away!  – Brandon.

SCU makes sure I get the services I need. Without my attendant services, I could not get out of bed in the morning and without assistance with transportation I would not be able to get to my volunteer job. This means everything to me. My service coordinator is there when I need him. – Robert.

I have been receiving services for 17 years  and working a full-time position for 17 years also. I would not have been able to work a full-time position without services. Service Coordination Unlimited has provided me with quality services to allow me to continue to work and remain in my home. I have a fabulous Service Coordinator and I have also been given the opportunity to work as a Service Coordinator for the last 4 years with Service Coordination Unlimited. I have  definitely been blessed with a fabulous Service Coordination Agency and Employer.  – Jaime.

The staff is very friendly and willing to help at a moments notice! My coordinator is one of a kind! She always makes sure I strive for my full potential!  – Donald.

We are very pleased with the services my daughter receives from SC Unlimited.  Our coordinator keeps in close touch with us at all times and if I need her for some question or problem, she is only a phone call away. She always comes to visit us at the scheduled time and we very much enjoy seeing her and keeping in touch. She has informed us of programs and services that were available to us that we would never have known about and we have been able to take advantage of most of them.  We were not treated this well at our other agency. SC Unlimited is a real blessing. – Beth Anne.

It has been 20 years this April 27th 2017 since I had my brain aneurysm and stroke. My quality of life has been made less challenging thanks to SCU. My husband and I thank God everyday for Matt Perkins and Jamie Shemasek for all of their Leadership and Coordination while assisting me in having a successful quality of life.  – Melinda.

I have been with SCU for many years my Service Coordinator Jamie has been very good to me. Anytime I have called for any need she has responded with in 24 hrs. And has satisfactory resolved it. Jamie is one of the best Coordinator I have ever had the pleasure to work with. – Marsha.

I’m very appreciative for being in a program like SCU, It has given me my independence for as long as this Company has been established. Hopefully you will be around indefinitely so other people will have the opportunity like I have. Thank you. – Patty.

My name is Haley, and I live in Roscoe Pennsylvania. I am 39 years old. I have a neuromuscular disease. I am able to live in my house and have my mother take care of me because of service coordination unlimited. I need assistance with all of my adls and anything else that I enjoy doing. I can also receive any further assistance from service coordination unlimited getting other things that I need to help me become more independent. – Haley.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Service Coordination Unlimited and Kellen in particular for all the help and compassion that they have shown to my sister Joanne. Within the first few months of working with Kellen, he managed to get a ramp installed at my sister’s home as well as a handicapped accessible bathroom redone. I cannot tell you how much that has increased her ability to function in her home as well as being able to get out of her home for appointments. After fighting for over 6 months just to get qualified for help, it was a refreshing change to just tell someone what you need and they get it for you.

But I must say the thing that has helped the most is how they arranged for companions to come to her home during the day while my niece is at work and help keep Joanne safe as well as helping around the house. I worried all day while I was at work that she hadn’t fallen and was hurt on the floor with no one to help. Kellen arranged for an alert system for her and the companions help steady her to get around the house. For the first time in a long while I can concentrate on work instead of worrying about my sister. I would highly recommend Service Coordination Unlimited to anyone in need of compassionate assistance.  – Michelle.

I was in a nursing home and wanted to return home. My service coordinator worked with my nursing home transition provider to insure that the modifications to my home were completed. She  also worked with the home care agencies to make certain that I had attendants in place on the day that I was discharged home. It wasn’t an easy task to coordinate all of the people involved and it took several months to make sure that everyone and everything was in place. My service coordinator kept me grounded when I would get anxious about how much time it was taking, making certain that I understood the importance of having everything in place to be successful in going back home. She was like a rock, always calm and cool. If I had any questions, I could just ask her and she would get me the answers. She  would even contact me after work hours to keep me up to date. She was willing to call and keep my family informed and answer their questions or concerns. When everything was in place, I was finally able to go home, My service coordinator checked in on me to make certain I had everything I needed and continues to work with me when there are any problems. My service coordinator from Service Coordination Unlimited has been wonderful. I think it went so smoothly because the service coordinator worked so hard. I am very grateful to my service coordinator for helping me to reach my goal of going home.